Virtual Reality World 3 (Power Rangers)

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Virtual Reality World 3 (Power Rangers)

  1. Specially Designed Colour LCD
  2. Vibrantly Colourful Screen
  3. 3 Games To Choose From
  4. 3D Stereoscopic Games
  5. Takes 4 AA Batteries
  6. Themed Controllers
  7. True 3D Effects
  8. Collectors Item
  9. Stereo Sound FX
  10. Backlight


“Looking back at this headset it’s no wonder people had issues with Virtual Reality…”

We once again visit Quests virtual reality worlds, only this time as a power ranger! These deeper 3D “virtual” headsets were supposed to transport you into the world of the Power rangers in 3 amazing episodes. Each headset was a different world, there was 3 to choose from: Power Rangers Time Force, Power Rangers Wild Force and Power Rangers Dino Thunder. Each one much the same as the original Quest Virtual Reality Worlds headsets.

So expect very much more of the same retro gaming action. This was a game ‘n’ watch style experience. It was backlight, had a 3D effect and also dished out Stereo Sound FX to accompany the vibrantly colourful screen! But in all seriousness, this headset is about as much a virtual reality one as the Viewmaster was. Looking back at this headset it’s no wonder people had issues with Virtual Reality when you had toy makers like this calling their headsets virtual reality. Shame on them, but it does all lead to this headset becoming somewhat of a collectors item.


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