VISR Pro Cardboard



“…the VISR Pro Cardboard looks the part.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: VISR Pro Cardboard

  1. Head & Side Straps For Support (Not Included)
  2. Anyone Can Make And Develop Games For It
  3. Works With Almost All Smartphones
  4. Cheapest Vr Headset In The World
  5. Hundreds Of Google Play VR Apps
  6. Perfect For Watching 3D Videos
  7. Great For A Marketing Tool
  8. A Pretty Good Experience
  9. Environmentally Friendly
  10. Easily Repairable

VISR Pro Cardboard

There was always going to be lots of Google Cardboard replicas, but at least the VISR Pro Cardboard looks the part. With a sloped front and all round smoother design, it is a refreshing break from most other normal designs of the cardboard style.

Do these cardboard headsets really work? Not only is the answer to that question yes, but it also works surprisingly well! Slap in a high-end smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S6 and you will be blown away by just how good it really is! Sure, you wouldn’t want to watch a 3-hour film with one of these strapped to your face, but for a quick look at a 360 video or VR app they are perfect.

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