Vive Pro Eye

Price at Time Of Review: £1,499
Games Platforms: Steam VR
Weight: 475 grams (previously 555 grams)
Dimentions 12cm Tall, 19cm Wide, 12cm Front to Back
Power: Wall Plug
Headset Tracking: 6 Degrees of Freedom
Controller Tracking: 6 Degrees of Freedom
FOV (Field of view): 110 degrees
VR Shop Score 1/100: 45



Description: VIVE Pro Eye features precise eye movement tracking and analysis enabling quicker reaction times, easier navigation and access, and an enhanced understanding of what users see and when. Simply look at your target and aim with precision. No need to even point with the controllers. Manoeuvres are faster and more intuitive than ever. Eye tracking allows for foveated rendering, which properly allocates GPU power to focused objects and areas for sharper images. Eye movements and blinks are tracked, then instantly mimicked by your avatar, creating virtual social environments with immersive and expressive interactions.

Review: I slated the HTC Vive Pro for being far too overpriced, so just adding this new eye-tracking element isn’t going to change my mind given that is is an extra $200 ($200). I will say I think that is a reasonable price for the extra tech the headsets itself simply isn’t worth that amount of money. Sure, to a budding VR developer working on exciting new VR projects it might well be a worthy upgrade, but for most of us, this new “Vive Pro Eye” or the original ‘Vive Pro’ simply isn’t worth it.


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