Vortex VR



“…on par with the more expensive Samsung Gear VR

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Vortex VR

  1. Built-in phone case for easy docking
  2. Google cardboard compatibility
  3. 2560 x 1440-pixels HD display
  4. Snapdragon-powered headset
  5. Reduced motion sickness
  6. Lightweight and durable
  7. Printed by 3D Systems
  8. VRTX app store
  9. 100-degree FOV
  10. Affordable

Vortex VR

First unveiled at PAX Prime in Seattle the Vortex VR VRTX is a headset that is on par with the more expensive Samsung Gear VR & Carl Zeiss VR One headsets. Designed to work with the LG G3 it obviously a phone mounted virtual reality experience much like many others. Made by 3D Systems it has a good pedigree behind them having previously worked with Google to produce its modular smartphone concept.

But in the phone mounted HMD game it is all about the software and they have teamed up with GameFace Labs who also have a VR headset. While this collaboration does leave the GameFace Labs VR headset hanging in the wind which is a shame, it is a better way to work. A company that deals with hardware, and one that deals with software. Better for producing, better for us consumers!


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