VR 3D: Orbiter 9

Top 10 Key Selling Points: VR 3D: Orbiter 9

  1. Wireless Control Unit
  2. True To Life Images
  3. Built-In Headphones
  4. Battery Powered
  5. Motion Sensors
  6. VR Technology
  7. Full Colour
  8. Lightweight
  9. Immersive
  10. 3D Effect


“…powered by cutting-edge virtual reality technology…”

The VR 3D: Orbiter 9 (with true colour) was a virtual reality system that was powered by cutting-edge virtual reality technology, featured true to life graphics, powered by full-colour 3D images. It also had a wireless control unit for total mobility. real-time motion sensor for action and intense sounds effects thanks to its built-in headphones! And if you believe any of that marketing hype you need to see a doctor.

You have probably guessed it, that this was a cheap LCD electronic game that had colours provided by the LED lights behind it. Now imagine this headset with the batteries built into it and you have a headset that would have scared people off VR in the first place. Still, it does make it a fantastic collector’s item that is sure to be worth a lot more than it’s original asking price.


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