VR Box Controller

Box Weight: 49 g
Box Hight Size: N/A
Box Width Size: N/A
Box Length Size: N/A

Controller Weight: 45 g (Without Batteries)
Controller Hight Size: 5 cm
Controller Width Size: 4 cm
Controller Length Size: 12 cm


“…it feels responsive and very tactile.”

Please note: Box weight, size and contents might not represent your own product as sometimes different sellers use their own packaging and often include extra items like wipes, cloths or other promotional materials.

Packaging Presentation & First Impressions: It feels pretty nice to hold to be honest. Picking it up for the first time it falls naturally in the hand and gives me a very nostalgic feeling of the old N64 pad, holding it in the middle. While cheaply made it is sold very affordable so you can forgive it not having a premium feel and look.

What is it Like To Use in VR: Strangely this device works amazingly well and not at all. What it does do well is as a single controlled device. So if a game only requires the thumbstick it feels responsive and very tactile. You instantly know where the thumbstick is and what direction you are pushing it.

But having said that if the game requires more complex movements (like the Galaxy VR game) this headset is no good at all because you can’t hold the move button like you need to and press the buttons at the same time. Doing the both together is next to impossible, but if it just requires single button presses or movement only it feels amazing.

Cost At Time of Review: £4 (=$5)
Left Control Stick: Yes
Right Control Stick: No
Directional pad (D-pad): No
Number of Face Buttons: 4
Left Trigger: Yes
Right Trigger: No
Left Bumper: Yes
Right Bumper: No
Start Button: Yes
Back / Select Button: Yes
Additional Buttons: Android / IOS Switch
Batteries Or Charge Powered: Batteries (2X AAA)
Restart Button: No
Smartphone Holder: No
Wireless Connection: Bluetooth 3.0 HID
Android Compatible: Yes (5.0 or Above)
IOS Compatible:Yes

Final Verdict: The handset is such a crazy game of 2 halves that it is difficult knowing what to say about it here. For the price, it is a good controller that has a very tactile and responsive control stick that feels very natural in the hand. But trying to use it as a gamepad with both buttons and controller use it is pointless. You simply can’t do the two things at once. You either press the buttons or move the stick. Provided you stick to simple games, this is a good controller. Anything more complicated will require a more capable gamepad


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