“…it was put together by someone who knows what it’s like to wear a mobile VR headset.”

AKA: “Abatap VR” OR “VR Top i7” OR “GIZGA video VR”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: VR BOX V1

  1. Work With 4.7 To 6.1-inch Smartphones
  2. Made From High-Quality ABS Plastic
  3. High-Definition Aspheric Surface
  4. Work With Android + Ios Phones
  5. Strong 3 Point Head Straps
  6. Soft Leather Face Padding
  7. Adjustable Lens Distance
  8. Freedom Of Movement
  9. Strong And Robust
  10. 42mm Lens


Also called the Viivria, Aizbo and even the TEEFAN! But its original name is the VR BOX. As I write this it is now in its 3rd generation build, so it’s about time we got on and did a review of them all. The V1 might be the older of the 3 version, but that doesn’t mean it is any less amazing. It feels well made and solid plus it doesn’t feel cheap in any part. From the luxury face padding to the strong head strap it all feels like it was put together by someone who knows what it’s like to wear a mobile VR headset.

It’s one of the bigger headsets and is capable of holding a 4.7 to 6.1-inch smartphone which is pretty big! Made of environment-friendly ABS and resin it is also very strong which does make it a little heavy, but the strong 3 point head straps support it easily. Even this first version is a wonderful headset and for the price it surprisingly feels just as good to wear as the Samsung Gear VR!

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