“It looks and feels just as good as a full VR headset”

AKA: “Y-blue Sky 3D VR” OR

Top 10 Key Selling Points: VR BOX V2

  1. Work With 4.7 To 6.1-inch Smartphones
  2. Made From High Quality ABS Plastic
  3. High-Definition Aspheric Surface
  4. Work With Android + Ios Phones
  5. Strong 3 Point Head Straps
  6. Soft Leather Face Padding
  7. Adjustable Lens Distance
  8. Freedom Of Movement
  9. Strong And Robust
  10. 42mm Lens


The very first thing you notice about the upgraded VR BOX V2 is just how professional it looks. Gone are the jagged, straight lined plastic headsets of yesterday and incomes the smooth, curved bends of the VR BOX V2. It looks and feels just as good as a full VR headset only for a fraction of the cost.

The main and most noticeable difference is the inclusion of a sliding panel on the front fascia so you can use VR apps. This is a small upgrade, but a fantastic feature. Lets face it, 99% of the apps we are going to use are virtual reality games and videos, the augmented reality apps are just a very small part of that and by hiding that AR camera hole behind the slider it is there if you need it, but the headset looks amazing while it is closed. The rest of it is pretty much the same as the VR BOX V1 which is no bad thing at all. It’s much the same, only slightly better!

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