VR Box V3 (Deep) (Mobile VR Headset)



“…this headset can send you deeper into virtual reality immersion than ever before.”

AKA: “Deep VR Box 3”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: VR Box V3 (Deep)

  1. Comes With High-Quality Carry Case
  2. 42mm Aspherical Optical Resin Lens
  3. Work With Smartphones 3.5″ ~ 6.0″
  4. Runs Most Google Cardboard Apps
  5. Adjustable Pupil Distance
  6. Ultra High-Quality Lenses
  7. Adjustable Sight Distance
  8. Comfortable To Wear
  9. Strong ABS Plastic
  10. Sliding AR panel

VR Box V3 (Deep)

We are back again with the VR Box series and this time, we are looking at the VR Box V3 (Deep). The ‘Deep’ part comes because the manufacturer believes this headset can send you deeper into virtual reality immersion than ever before. It certainly looks cleaner, fresher and altogether improved over the fantastic V2, but does that mean better features?

It seems to have all the main features the V2 had. So independent pupil distance adjustment and focus adjustment as well as the sliding AR panel on the front. But this headset comes with even better lenses and a very smart carry case that you could use to carry whatever you wanted. In fact, this headset could almost pass for a mid-priced headset, but the price for these is still very affordable which is surprising. With each passing generation getting better and better it makes you wonder what mobile VR headsets will look like in just a few years time.


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  1. Suraj Parsi

    Review was very neat & clear. Just ordered one to start with!! 🙂 Thank you.
    Being a gadget buff especially video / visual related, awaiting to see where this VR world would take us into & really looking forward to experience the a better quality VR Glasses with more immersive games & movie content in the near future..

    • VR Staff

      Good for you Suraj.

      The world of mobile VR looks like it will be much bigger than the more expensive all-in-one headset. But wait to see what Google shows us next month, its going to be massive!

      • Suraj Parsi

        Yes!! Eagerly waiting for the announcement. Curious to know, Is there any software which converts a normal video into a VR compatible one, if it’s possible I can see my childhood videos in VR experience.

        • VR Staff

          Sadly there isn’t. The best way to watch normal videos like that is through a VR cinema like the Fibrum VR cinema, it will look amazing and feel like you own your own movie theatre! Well I like it anyway, I watch all my downloaded films that way, it feels like a touch of luxury.

          • Suraj Parsi

            Nice to know this. Thank you for the information. 🙂

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