VR Card



“With such unique features, it is easy to see why this is doing so well…”


Top 10 Key Selling Points: VR Card

  1. Can Be A Brochure, Postcard Or A Greeting Card
  2. Can Be Adjusted To Suit Most Smartphones
  3. Independent Adjustable Lense Distance
  4. Ready To Mail With Minimal Packaging
  5. Perfect For Watching 3d Videos
  6. Runs All Google Cardboard Apps
  7. Simple To Use And Setup
  8. Can Be Custom Printed
  9. No Assembly Required
  10. Ultra Compact

VR Card

The VR Card is a very clever spin on a cardboard mobile VR viewer. While most of them require some sort of assembly this one is per-made to be ready t go the money you receive it. And receiving it is another innovative feature. With this cardboard viewer you send it as it is! A sort of virtual reality postcard that people can pop-out and use as a viewer. And on top of all that is has independent pupil distance adjustment!

With such unique features, it is easy to see why this is doing so well over on Kickstarter. So why not head over there now and show this company some love. Pledge enough and you will get a VR viewer to use yourself. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1273876656/vr-card/



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