VR Case



“…a cheap rip off of the Figment VR…”


Top 10 Key Selling Points: VR Case

  1. Automatic Slide To Lock Button
  2. Dampened Spring Loaded System
  3. 6000 Grade Anodized Aluminium
  4. Can Be Used As A Phone Case
  5. Can Be Used As A Kick Stand
  6. Works With VR and AR
  7. Easily Accessible
  8. Acrylic Lenses
  9. Affordable
  10. Folds Flat

VR Case

For all those who are already calling out “Figment VR” we bring you a line from the manufacturer who makes them: “…While it might have similar look to Figment VR this is our design and we have worked hard from ground work to bring it to market” So yeah, a cheap rip off of the Figment VR then! It even has a mash-up video when in the middle it features the Figment VR!

Well, case and shut copyright claim ahead it is still a good looking headset. With all the same features of the Figment VR but with a slightly different design it is one of those headsets you will enjoy owning, but in the back of your mind, you will know it is a rip of while everyone else has the original.


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