VR Fold



“…VR Fold has set the bar of what to expect very high indeed”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: VR Fold

  1. Comes With Alcohol Cloth, Cleaning Cloth and 6 EVA Foam Mats
  2. Works With All Google Carboard Apps
  3. Made From Strong ABS Plastic
  4. Independent Lens Adjustment
  5. Elasticated Clamping Piece
  6. Adjustable Focal Distance
  7. Adjustable Hight Distance
  8. Light Shading Plates
  9. Very Compact
  10. PMMA Lenses

VR Fold

The war on the foldable mobile VR viewer seems to be hotting up and the VR Fold has set the bar of what to expect very high indeed. This lightweight, compact viewer has all if not more adjustable features than many other full mobile VR headsets! From the moment you first get it out of the box you know this is a good quality headset and you seen start to understand just how compact and lightweight it is as you unfold it for the first time, like a beautiful butterfly spreading it’s wings.

With large lenses, everything adjustable including independently adjustable lenses, and focal point adjustment to the side blinkers blocking the light. It all works well, feels really sturdy and keeps your phone in place. Then, once you are done with your VR fix, just fold it up and slot it into a pocket! Sure this headset is not flawless, and sadly the lack of a head strap and NFC button is annoying. But for mobile VR on the go this is the best of the market at the moment and any competitors will have a hard job moving it off our top spot.

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