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“…taking a longer, harder look at it, you soon realise that it is not bad at all.”

Please note: Box weight, size and contents might not represent your own product as sometimes different sellers use their own packaging and often include extra items like controllers, wipes, cloths or other promotional materials.

Box Weight: 559 g
Box Hight Size: 12 cm
Box Width Size: 12 cm
Box Length Size: 22 cm

Overall Packaging Presentation: With a nice and colourful outer sleeve hiding the plain brown box inside it looks OK to be honest. Inside the headset is bagged with a nice blue cover sleeve to hold everything in place. It would be great to give someone this is a gift idea as it does come quite presentable.

Whats in the box…

  • Headset
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Instruction Booklet
  • 3D Camera Mount

VR Game

First Impressions: From the box it does feel medium weight and pretty cheaply made. But taking a longer, harder look at it, you soon realise that it is not bad at all. With nice flexible rubber face padding and a good quality head strap you do feel as is there is some value for money with this headset.

Pupil Adjustment: Yes
Focus Adjustment: Yes
Product Weight: 354 g
Overall Build Quality (1-10): 7
Magnet / Touch Button: No
Supports Smartphones: 5.1″ ~ 6.2″
Field Of View (FOV): 90°
Other / Extra Features: N/A
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Features Review: You can pick one to match your favourite colour, it has focus and pupil adjustments and some pretty big lenses offering a good FOV. While it doesn’t keep the same quality throughout the headset, most of it is slightly better than average. While there is room for improvement it is not quite as cheap and cheerful as you would first think.

Additional Information…

Average Price at Time of Review: £16 (USD $24)
Head Strap: 3 Point, Elasticated and Adjustable
Strap Quality(1-10): 8
Face Padding Type: Flexible Rubber
Padding Depth: 24 mm
Nose Grove Depth: 38 mm
Well Ventilated: Yes
Suitable For People With Glasses: No
Headphone and Power Lead Access: Yes
Works With Augmented Reality Apps: Yes
Lens Size: 38 mm
Lens Type: Optical Orthoscopic Lenses
Min Lens Distance: 55 mm
Max Lens Distance: 70 mm
Comfort Score (1 – 10): 8
Value For Money Score (1 – 10): 8
Range Of Colours: Black, Clear, Purple, Orange, Blue. Yellow, Red, Greeen
Other Names: “VRTOTO VR 3D”


Final Verdict: While nothign amazing to write home about, it is also one of those headsets that is a little better than you might first expect. Anyone buying this won’t shouldn’t feel disapointed and being quite presentable it would also make a great gift idea for anyone new to the world of mobile VR.

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