vrAse VR



“…one of the first phone mounted virtual reality systems in the World!”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: vrAse VR

  1. Chunky visor for almost pitch dark vision
  2. Side and top head straps for support
  3. Eyepieces allow stereoscopic views
  4. Compatible with hundreds of apps
  5. Works with almost any smartphone
  6. Perfect for watching 3D videos
  7. Runs all Google Cardboard apps
  8. Offers a great VR experience
  9. Up to 6-inches screen size
  10. Truly affordable

vrAse VR

Produced by start-up technology company Eyedak the vrAse virtual reality device is a phone mounted virtual reality experience. There is a lot of hate about the lack of response from Kickstarter investors, but there is something about this system that a lot of people might not know. This really was one of the first phone mounted virtual reality systems in the World! It is probably an idea that has spawned a million copies and one that probably wasn’t their idea in the first place, but there is a reference to this device as far back as 2012!

We here at the VR shop are not saying Eyedak invented it, but they were certainly one of the first companies to jump onto the bandwagon. Given that it is so old you might forgive it for being rubbish, but it doesn’t need it because this is one very nice headset and a VR collectors item.

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