“…one of the oldest smartphone mounted headsets in the world…”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Vrizzmo

  1. NFC Button (First of Its Kind)
  2. Works With Most Smartphones
  3. Soft, Changeable Face Cover
  4. Built With Laser Precision
  5. Choice of Styles & Colours
  6. Lightweight and Durable
  7. Soft, Slide in Mount
  8. 3 Point Head Strap
  9. Dual Lens Optics
  10. Dedicated App


The Vrizzmo is one of the oldest smartphone mounted headsets in the world and it’s almost classed on this website as a retro system! But luckily for them it all started in 2013. Dariusz Żołna the company’s founder made a working prototype of this headset from Lego! With 2 lenses secured by rubber bands, it was a very basic design.

What we really liked about this headset is the ability to make it your very own. You can create your very own Vrizzmo, in your choice of colour and design which does give it a more personalised feel and look. But as a real big feature it featured an NFC button on the side that Google essentially nicked! What this headset shows is with each one of them released they all keep getting better and better.

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