Vuzix iWear 720

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Vuzix iWear 720

  1. Direct Internet connection for streaming
  2. Optional 3D augmented reality cameras
  3. Equivalent experience of a 130″ TV
  4. Unreal gaming engine support
  5. integrated motion tracking
  6. Supports HDMI 2D or 3D
  7. 360 degree VR movies
  8. Completely Portable
  9. Dual HD Displays
  10. Unity 3D


“…a high-end entertainment headset with virtual immersion. ”

When Vuzix unveiled their new IWear 720 Video headphone with VR it was seen as something on an anomaly. It wasn’t quite a full virtual reality headset, but it was so much more than video games! It’s a sort of halfway point that does offer some amazing video playback potential, but very little in the way of VR. If you need to nail what it is, it’s a high-end entertainment headset with virtual immersion.

While not full 1080 the IWear 720 is the ultimate mobile video entertainment and gaming headset with some integrated motion tracking, but not as much as most other VR dedicated headsets. But imagine watching a 130″ home television from just a few feet away, it is that sort of experience.


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