Wasai VR

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Wasai VR

  1. 85 Hz Screen Refresh Rate (85 Hz)
  2. Adjustable 3 Point Headstrap
  3. Good Quality Biconvex Lenses
  4. Adjustable Distance Focus
  5. Adjustable Pupil Distance
  6. 125 ° Viewing Angle
  7. 1080p Hd Resolution
  8. 360° Head Tracking
  9. Soft Face Padding
  10. 9-axis Sensor


“…it is bringing some unique ideas to the VR ring…”

As the VR race starts to pick up over the next few years you will soon discover more and more companies throwing their hat into the VR ring. This time it is a Chinese company called Solar System Media. They have designed the Wasai VR headset which promises to take viewers deep into virtual worlds (don’t they all!). But it is built on Oculus’s Rift technology which does give it a good pedigree.

The Wasai isn’t available yet, but the hardware specs seem to be good. 125 ° viewing angle, 1080P HD resolution and a 9-axis sensor are the standard. They do seem to also sell them with promotional experience pods which a bit weird. Imagine an arcade machine as such. At least it is bringing some unique ideas to the VR ring which is more than we can say for a lot of other firms.


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