WEAREVR ET1 (Mobile VR Headset)



“…a curved, fashionable design and some good features…”


Top 10 Key Selling Points: WEAREVR ET1

  1. Made From High-Quality ABS Plastic
  2. Work With 4.7″ To 6.0″ Smartphones
  3. High-Definition Aspheric Surface
  4. Work With Android + Ios Phones
  5. Easy Access Smartphone Cradle
  6. Strong 3 Point Head Strap
  7. Soft Leather Face Padding
  8. Adjustable Lens Distance
  9. Open Panel for AR apps
  10. Strong And Robust


With a curved, fashionable design and some good features, the WEAREVR ET1 is a great looking headset, even if it all seems a little familiar. With the same style of pull-out smartphone cradle like the VR BOX V1, it also seems to have the same style dials on top. But even small changes in design can mean it is slightly better than the original.

When it comes to features there isn’t really anything new with this headset. While the adjustable IPD is welcomed and the independent focus is a good touch, it just doesn’t feel anything special these days. While the new look is nice, this is a good headset for anyone just entering the world of mobile VR. For the rest of us with one or 2 good plastic mobile VR headsets, this is nothing worth upgrading to.

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