Xin Gear Virtual Reality



“…fun and one that can immerse you deep into the virtual world.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Xin Gear Virtual Reality

  1. Anti-reflection And Anti-fingerprint Coated Lenses
  2. Fits I-phone 5, 6, 6 Plus And Most Android Phones
  3. Translucent Front Cover For Augmented Reality
  4. Auto Centered Mobile Attachment
  5. Runs All Google Cardboard Apps
  6. Comes With A Free Travel Case
  7. Offers A Great VR Experience
  8. 100 Degrees Field-of-view
  9. Interchangeable Foam Pad
  10. Adjustable Head Strap

Xin Gear Virtual Reality

While it offers little more over every other smartphone mounted virtual reality headset it is of a much higher quality than many of them. In fact, we would go so far as to say the XG VR is just as good as the Samsung Gear VR! But of course, its main selling point will be that it is also a lot cheaper as well.

The company just wants to make a virtual reality headset that is fun and one that can immerse you deep into the virtual world. They have achieved that with this very comfortable VR headset. This Kickstarter-funded project achieved its goals of funding with just a few weeks which really shows people love for virtual reality is out there and ripe for the picking.


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