Xyson Labs Xcope



“…a little too far ahead of its time…”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Xyson Labs Xcope

  1. Supports Virtual & Augmented Reality
  2. Stereo Lenses for split screen
  3. Works With Most Smartphones
  4. Soft Rubber Face Padding
  5. Great For Developers
  6. Touch Screen Access
  7. Adjustable Lenses
  8. Ultra-Low Latency
  9. Swappable Lenses
  10. Affordable

Xyson Labs Xcope

Made by Xyson Labs this smartphone mounted virtual reality headset they call the Xcope is not bad at all and does solve the age old problem of the different sorts of lens needed. What this HMD does that the others don’t is they have interchangeable lens sets! So for a single screen, 3D viewing and normal split screen VR viewing.

We get the feeling that Xyson Labs where just a little too far ahead of its time because it failed to get the funds needed on kick starter. But let us hope they come back in a few years and try again because by them the worlds should be more than ready for mobile VR headsets if they are not already.



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