Yehua Virtual Reality Glasses (Mobile VR Headset)



“…takes the shape of the Gear VR and tries to improve on it…”

Please note: This first look preview is based on marketing talk and press released pictures. The product that you receive once they are available might not represent exactly what you see here and we at the VR Shop are not in any way responsible for this.

Features We Know So Far…

  • Work With Smartphones 4″ ~ 5.5″
  • 96° Field Of View
  • 38mm Spherical Resin Lenses
  • Works With Most Google Cardboard Apps
  • Adjustable Focus Distance
  • Adjustable Pupil Distance
  • Elasticated 2-Point Head Strap

Yehua Virtual Reality Glasses

First Look Preview : It’s all well and good cloning a VR headset and slapping your own unique design on it, but when that clone is a little old and boring then there is no point. The Yehua Virtual Reality Glasses takes aim at cloning the Gear VR and that can’t be a bad thing at all. Sure it doesn’t have the built-in tech, but it does have the same ergonomic design and shape. Anything that takes the shape of the Gear VR and tries to improve on it by adding various adjustable features is a step in the right direction for mobile VR. As always we have one on the way and will let you know what it’s like the moment it gets here.


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