Yingnurst 3D VR (Mobile VR Headset)



“…does a good job of delivering an immersive mobile VR experience.”

AKA: “U NOTON” OR “TreasureMax”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Yingnurst 3D VR

  1. Works With Augmented Reality Apps
  2. Runs Most Google Cardboard Apps
  3. For Smartphones 4.7″ ~ 6″
  4. Large, High-Quality Lenses
  5. Strong, Hardened Plastic
  6. Easy Smartphone Insert
  7. Ergonomically Designed
  8. 3 Point Head Straps
  9. Super Lightweight
  10. Well Ventilated

Yingnurst 3D VR

When it arrived here in the office the Yingnurst 3D VR looked like it might be one of the smallest headsets we have ever reviewed and indeed it is a little small. But it is big on personality. It looks good, feels nice to hold and does a good job of delivering an immersive mobile VR experience.

Sadly it’s lack of features does make it feel a little cheap to wear. With no face padding, no adjustable features it is not the easiest headset to work with. Having said that, the open, front loading system for you smartphone might appeal to people with more unusual shaped phones. Maybe ones with a bigger back, or a curved screen. This headset might not set the mobile VR world alight, but it burns a little flame in our hearts for it’s cute look and easy loading system.


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