ZapBox (Mixed Reality Accessory)

Box Weight: 695 g
Box Height: 13 cm (5.2″)
Box Width: 20 cm (8″)
Box Length: 27 cm (10.8″)

Overall Packaging Presentation: While pretty basic in terms of styling the box feels sturdy enough and opening it reveals several layers of cardboard making up the compartments with different things in it meaning the box has a ridged, well-packed style to it. While not exactly shop ready it is still nicely presented.

Whats in the box…

  • Cardboard Headset (with 2-point headstrap)
  • X10 Pointcode Discs
  • X2 Cardboard Controllers
  • Fisheye Lens Adapter
  • Calibration Display


“…the most amazing thing you can do with cardboard.”

Please note: Box weight, size and contents might not represent your own product as sometimes different sellers use their own packaging and often include extra items like controllers, wipes, cloths or other promotional materials.

About: Zapbox is an affordable way to experience MR (Mixed Reality) and Room-Scale Virtual Reality, powered through your phone. It combines physical component with advanced software to provide magical MR experiences. Using your smartphone and the ZapBox headset, you can step into a whole new world of interactive content.

Verdict: For those who are new to AR tracking things like the Merge Cube it can seem like the most amazing thing you can do with cardboard. And while I am sure you can download and print off a ZapBox including the controllers yourself it is much easier just to buy them in a nicely presented box. Sadly the lack of software is what kills the ZapBox, but also the reason it was made for developers rather than us consumers. With a few more games and more educational content, I can see the ZapBox being a much-loved accessory. Sadly for Zapbox the world of AR is moving really fast and you can now buy a mixed-reality headset that could do what these little bits of cardboard are doing in a far better way. But I would suspect they are on the ball with this and are already making software for those headsets. Sure, this device might slip into obscurity but Zapper (the company who made it) has a bright future in the area.


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