Zoetrope VR Headset



“…this headset is not a myth, it is just very rarely spotted.”


Top 10 Key Selling Points: Zoetrope VR Headset

  1. Removable Side Pannels for Ventilation
  2. Runs Most Google Cardboard Apps
  3. Supports Screen Sizes 4.5 – 6
  4. Soft Leather Face Padding
  5. Adjustable Lense Distance
  6. Spring Loaded Phone Grip
  7. High-Quality Head Strap
  8. High-Quality Lenses
  9. Adjustable Focus
  10. Lightweight

Zoetrope VR Headset

The Zoetrope VR Headset seems to be a lot like a Dragon. Some people believe it exists and other say it is just a clone of something else. But this headset is not a myth, it is just very rarely spotted. OK, so it is not that rare, but it is hardly spotted on sites like Ebay and Aliexpress.

With some good features and what looks like a fantastic design, we are really looking forward to this rarely seen headset. Let’s just hope the quality lives up to how good it looks.


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