“The stats on this virtual reality headset are enough to make any nerd drool.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: zSight

  1. Truly ‘plug-and-play’ professional product
  2. Widescreen viewing of 1680×1050 input
  3. 60o FoV with 100% binocular overlap
  4. SXGA 1280×1024 pixels per eye
  5. Dual high-resolution displays
  6. OLED microdisplay technology
  7. Comfortable and lightweight
  8. Option for wireless version
  9. Stereo audio and microphone
  10. Low power consumption


The stats on this virtual reality headset are enough to make any nerd drool. This is the VR headset you buy if money was no object, but apart from playing jaw-dropping, totally immersive games there are more professional reasons behind this headset. In fact, there are also military capabilities to it as well.

Featuring shock and vibration stabilizing, crystal clear OLED displays, and true ‘plug-and-play’ capabilities its got everything it needs to make VR seem easy. Even when it is fully available to the public we seriously doubt it will ever be seen unless you are in the 1% of people who can afford it. But what really makes this headset special is because it was released way back in 2010 making it a retro system! (Pre Oculus VR.)


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