Reality Jam Session

Intro: Feel the Rhythm and play the drums for real with natural percussion movements in 4 different songs. 4 immersive songs based on 3D VR videos of a professional band performing. The innovative merging of 3D gaming interactions with the VR videos.
Comfort Level: Gentle
Internet connection: Not Required
Number of Players: Single Player
Genre: Music
Space required: 1.14 GB
Supported Controllers: Oculus Go Controller
Age Rating: U,PG,15+,18+
Price: £2.99 ($4)
Movement: Forward facing only
Playing Position: Sitting

Oculus Go Bronze Award

Reality Jam Session
Reality Jam Session
Reality Jam Session
Review: Reality Jam Session as an idea is pretty clever. Its a 3D game based inside a 360 video and to be fair it works surprisingly well. Sadly it is the game itself that lets the whole thing down. The beats seem to be in time, but trying to work out which line represents which drum and then hitting that drum is a seemingly impossible task! With only 4 songs and no score challenge to do this app is not worth your time even if it was for free, but for £2.99 ($4) it’s a total waste of money. A good idea wasted on poor execution.
Click Here - Download Now
Click Here - Download Now

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