Rescuties VR (Oculus Rift)

Rescuties VR (Oculus Rift)

“…this is one of those games that you would show to other people or family members to get them into VR.”

Age Rating: 12+
Review System: Oculus Rift CV1
Price at Time Of Review: £8 ($10)
Comfort Rating: Green
Genre: Action
Size: 561.56 MB
Controller System: Touch Controllers
Best Playing Position: Standing
Multi Player: No

Rescuties VR (Oculus Rift)

Intro: More than ten crazy scenarios! Rescue babies from a towering inferno. Cope with the rushing speeds of a runaway express train. Visit the north pole and help out stranded polar bears…or even ascend to orbit and pitch in at the International Space Station!

Review: There’s a fire at the children’s hospital! The animal shelter’s been flooded! The hot air balloon’s suffered a disaster! Save defenceless creatures and rescue the helpless in Rescuties VR! There are ten levels to choose from and over 50 unlockable cuties from animals to babies to rescue. The good news is you do get a little help as you also have quite a few power-ups that will help with the rescue procedure. With 3 levels of difficulty to choose from this game is a blast from start to finish. Sometimes the way you ‘rescue’ some of these cuties is more painful than the predicament they are in, they could die in a burning building or let the fireman chuck you down into someone who is waiting with a baseball bat to bat you into the ambulance! It’s a tough call to make.

The game is pretty easy to play, but it does get a little manic even at the early stages of the game. You must catch a baby or animal being thrown to you from danger, then put them in the correct place. Sometimes that is back with their parents, sometimes it is in the back of an ambulance. So look, catch, grab and throw! You don’t need me to tell you that things soon get tougher and you are spinning around in circles wondering where the next ‘Cutie’ is coming from.

Verdict: I think the sheer amount of fun you will have playing this game more than justifies paying the price of it, but to be fair there is a fair amount of gameplay to be had here as well. With 11 stages and some with varied mechanics like being set in space and in a hot air balloon, this is a game that has a lot more depth than you might well think. Sure, it does get a little bit repetitive and it is quite glitchy at times, but this is one of those games that you would show to other people or family members to get them into VR. This is one of those rare games / experiences that simply wouldn’t work without VR and motion controls.

Download Rescuties VR Now
Download Rescuties VR Now

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