Score Rankings Explained

This page explains how our scores work and what score you should be looking out for if you plan to purchase the item or software we have reviewed. As with any review, it is just a matter of personal opinion and what we say is good you might find bad and vice-versa.


This award is only for the top games, the best apps and just about anything that is a cut above the rest. No matter what genre of game you are looking to purchase you should start with any game with this level of award.

VR Shop - Silver Award

If “meh” was an award this is what colour it would be. These apps and games fail to live up to our gold standard, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. We here in the VR shop office have spent hundreds of hours enjoying games that have been awarded this. But we feel it is often the price and value for money that hold a lot of apps into this award category, so do try to get them as cheaply as you can by checking key sites for discount codes.

VR Shop - Bronze Award

To be honest, most apps and games with this award should be avoided at all costs. But it is worth noting that as with any review it is one person’s opinion and nothing more. Many people love the apps and games we have given a bronze to, but it doesn’t mean they are right or we are wrong. It just means they saw something about it that we didn’t and it is worth keeping that in mind if you really like the look of the game.