Score Rankings Explained

This page explains how our scores work and what score you should be looking out for if you plan to purchase the item or software we have reviewed. As with any review, it is just a matter of personal opinion and what we say is good you might find bad and vice-versa. You might have also noticed all our review scores go in units of 5 and here is why that happens…

When it comes to reviewing games we have 2 tick boxes, each with a 30 box score method…

Score Rankings Explained

And the same goes for apps and tools…

Score Rankings Explained

So that is why all our scores go in units of 5 based on this overall score calculator. So this a game gets this scorecard…

Score Rankings Explained

The overall score is 55 and so forth. Once again we remind you that a review score is just ONE person’s opinion and might not represent your own opinion nor that of many other reviewers. But if you trust our score this is the points guide for both games and apps, free and paid you should be


Points 0-50

To be honest, anything that scores under 50 points really needs too much work or content to be worth your time. Even with indie games we try and look past graphics and other things based on the games price and score accordingly given everyone a chance in our reviews. While it doesn’t mean you definitely won’t enjoy then or get value for money from them it does mean the odds of that happening are much lower.

Points 50-80

Anything in this score bracket is worth a look, but more often than not you should wait for it to be in a sale or get some updates before giving it a try. You will notice most apps and games fall into this score bracket with only the odd exception. As a general rule as long as there is nothing else in the same genre in the higher scoring bracket these should be worth a look and we have enjoyed playing thousands of games and apps in the score range.

Points 80-100

If a game or app gets a score of 80 or above you should really consider giving it a look. While sadly for our VR community these are rare they are the best of what VR has to offer with many of them being worth owning a VR headset for. We have never come across the PERFECT game or app yet, but at least a few of them have got considerably close to it. As a general rule even at full price games and apps in this score range are worth every penny.

Well, I hope that clears up how we score the thousands of reviews you might read and watch on our site. As always, you can easily check out our A-Z Lists for an easy way to arrange games and apps into their corresponding scores and maybe find many more in the same genre. If you wish anything added to our A-Z Lists please do get in touch with us.