Score Rankings Explained

This page explains how our scores work and what score you should be looking out for if you plan to purchase the item or software we have reviewed. Our score ranking is always out of 100 and this small breakdown will explain what the scores mean at each level…

Score 0 – 20

These are games, technology or other things that fall well below what you might need them to be or what you can expect for the price you are paying. Anything scoring this should be avoided at all costs as it really isn’t worth your time. Most games and tech score higher than this, but there is always some poor exceptions.

Score 21 – 40

You should be aware of anything that scores this as it really isn’t good, but yet, isn’t terrible neither. When a game or tech scores this you should be very wary of buying it, but if you really like the game genre or just love the technology that scored this maybe give it a try. At this score, a demo or hands-on is always suggested.

Score 41- 60

A lot of VR games, apps and technology fall into this ranking and it doesn’t necessarily mean it is bad. It could mean that it is over-priced, or not as good as other software or hardware. Something that scores this should be tried out first unless you really like the games category or love the brand of the item.

Score 61 – 80

This is where things get good and anything scoring this should be considered better than most other things. If it is a game, it is worth a download, but be aware that there are many other things better than it. Or if a hardware item scores this it might well be the price that is holding it back rather than the technology. But anything scoring this is well worth a look

Score 81 – 100

I would like to think we are quite hard with our reviews here at the VR shop, so anything scoring this is well worthy of your time and money. Games and apps that score this high are well worth adding to your collection. Meanwhile, hardware that scores this should be top of your wanted list and is worth every penny you spend on it.

As with all these rankings and scores, you should be aware that it is just one person’s opinion on that game, app or item. You might well enjoy it more or less than we did and that doesn’t mean we are wrong, or you are right, it just means that is your opinion, not ours.