Sensics PiSight (1996)

“…a company that deserves their pages in the VR hall of fame.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Sensics PiSight

  1. 24 Micro-Displays (12 Each Eye)
  2. 82 Degrees Binocular Overlap
  3. 2400 X 1729 Resolution
  4. 800:1 Contrast Ratio
  5. Dual Channel Stereo
  6. Uses Organic LED’s
  7. 179 Degree FOV
  8. Panoramic FOV
  9. 24Bit Colour
  10. SVGA Input

Sensics PiSight

No matter what the journey ahead is for virtual reality Sensics is a company that deserves their pages in the VR hall of fame. Released in 2006 the Sensics piSight was not for commercial use, it was a highly bespoke product that was created exclusively for military and defence simulation training applications. Being made to the best stats Sensics really stretched their VR muscles with this device. Featuring 24 micro-displays (12 in each eye) this gave it nearly 6 million pixels per eye! Not only that but a mind blowing 150 degrees FOV that blows away a lot of today’s headsets.

Still used by many simulation training applications today it was a powerhouse of virtual reality and really showed what the tech could do. It’s a simple fact that without this high-end testing the tech and headsets of today could never have existed.


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