Sony PlayStation 2 PUD-J5A (1995)

“…made exclusively for the use on the Sony Playstation 2…”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Sony PlayStation 2 PUD-J5A

  1. Video Glasses Work With All PS2 Games
  2. Composite Video Or S-video Input
  3. Equivalent To A 42-inch Screen
  4. Built-in Stereo Headphones
  5. 180,000 Pixel Display
  6. 0.44-inch LCD Panels
  7. Almost Zero Latency
  8. Weighs Just 80g
  9. Headtracking
  10. Comfortable

Sony PlayStation 2 PUD-J5A

Just when you thought you had understood the virtual reality past of Sony with their PLM-A35 Glasstron, HMZ-T2 & SmartEyeglass along comes the Sony PUD-J5A for the PS 2 to blow it all away. This virtual reality 3D head mounted display was made exclusively for the use on the Sony Playstation 2 and only sold online. It’s a feature heavy that has a head-mounted motion tracker with built-in screens and built-in stereo headphones.

While it didn’t work with all games (that we know of) it did work with “Energy Airforce” so you could look around the cockpit and generally feel like your were in a jet fighter. For it’s time it was a super slick moving headset with very little latency. It connected to the PS2 by the regular composite video or S-video and RCA audios cables. These cables allowed you to use the HMD like a pair of video glasses, but by attaching the USB it offered the additional head tracking but only on a very limited number of games and applications.


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