Star Chart (Oculus Rift)

“If you have any interest in space this will keep you amused for hours.”

Age Rating: 12+
Review System: Oculus Rift CV1
Price at Time Of Review: £7.99 ($10.50)
Comfort Rating: Amber
Genre: Educational
Size: 438.68 MB
Controller System: Gamepad, Touch Controllers or Oculus Remote
Best Playing Position: Sitting
Multi Player: No

Star Chart

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Intro: Delight in exploring the solar system, from the Sun to the smallest moons of Saturn and out to the coldest, darkest, farthest reaches of Pluto. Gaze down and marvel at our solar system from above. Look up in wonder at the rings of Saturn. Feel the awe of floating in space around worlds no human has yet set foot on. Understand how the constellations of our night sky are made up of stars distant to each other in both space and time. Embrace the impossible distances of our solar system and the inordinate scale of our universe.

Review: Have you ever been to one of those Planetarium 360º full dome cinema experiences? If you did (and provided you enjoyed it) this app will be right up your street. This educational app features accurate real-time simulations of both astronomy & star gazing.

With 3D solar systems to explore (which includes stars, planets and moons, as well as a “Sky View” the recreates your view of the night sky from your own GPS coordinates from your computer. Seeing these things in VR can often help you appreciate the size of them as well, some the bigger planets are jaw dropping. If you have any interest in space this will keep you amused for hours.

Verdict: Star Chart is a beautiful experience that is good for both education and entertainment. While still in early development it looks beautiful and feels almost endless to explore. This is not some space shoot em’up that you will have fun with, but you will learn a lot from it. With a simple and very intuitive UI, it offers a nice sense immersion which helps you to relax as you soak in the information. This is VR education done the right way.

Download Star Chart Now
Download Star Chart Now

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