Starship Disco (PSVR)

Starship Disco (PSVR)

“I found time enjoyably slipping away while playing it…”

Age Rating: 12+
Review System: PlayStation VR
Price at Time Of Review: £9.29 ($11)
Comfort Rating: Green
Genre: Music, Space Shooter
Size: 317 MB
Controller System: Gamepad Or Move Controllers
Best Playing Position: Sitting
Multi Player: No

Starship Disco (PSVR)

Intro: Starship Disco™ is a VR Rhythm Shooter where you can import your own music. There are 7 unique ‘disco’ tracks to play through and you can also import music from USB. Immerse yourself in your music in this unique rhythm-action game.

Review: The only way I can really describe Starship Disco is a retro gaming space invaders clone set to music. In this very music driven game, you have to shoot spaceships in time with the beat of the music. Depending what sound you are playing that could be easy or the faster songs it will, of course, be harder.

Not only do you have to do your shooting in time with the beat of the music, you also have to look where to shoot and while those two things together are not the easiest of things to get right, when you do finally get it right it feels amazing.

Verdict: With its retro graphics fast paced gameplay and some great default songs I really enjoyed playing this game. OK, sure, it might not benefit from being in VR, but it does help to make the game more immersive than it otherwise might have been. I found time enjoyably slipping away while playing it until I was an hour into it and still having fun! But just like all rhythm based games, enjoying the music is 99% of the enjoyment of the game, so make sure you pick a good soundtrack or insert the one you do enjoy listening to.

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