The Autism Simulator (Oculus Rift)

“…I wanted to take the headset off and scream!”

Please note: While this game / app will look and feel just like it looks and seems on the same system we reviewed it on. If you choose to play it on another system (if available) which might make it a significantly different experience in both looks and gameplay.

Age Rating: 12+
Review System: CV1
Price at Time Of Review: Free
Comfort Rating: Green
Genre: Experience
Size: 941.42 MB
Controller System: Gamepad
Best Playing Position: Sitting
Multi Player: No

The Autism Simulator

Intro: In just one minute you will acknowledge feelings experienced by person with autism in a regular café. Our simulation is based on a premise that most of the autistic people suffering from multitude of autistic spectrums are easily distracted by elements and inputs in the world around that a normal person filters automatically. We offer you an unique experience by seeing too many details, being distracted by irregularities and trying to regulate the irregularities into a regular order. This causes autistic person to be overly focused, easily startled, absent-minded or aggressive.

Review: With this new wave of virtual reality comes a new wave of creative people who are looking to use VR for things other than gaming. This is where The Autism Simulator comes into it. This is an immersive experience designed to give you a little glimpse into the life of someone who is suffering from one of the multitudes of autistic spectrums.

It starts off with sounds becoming highly noticeable, then patterns, then more sounds, then colours then even more sounds until even I wanted to take the headset off and scream! But that is the point of this app, to show people how a normal situation can easily turn out of control.


Verdict: I have quite a unique perspective on this because I have a son that suffers from autism. Shopping, parties, even going to the beach or doing something fun can be a nightmare if anything sparks his attention. Having played this app I have been given a little look into his mind, but it doesn’t make the everyday challenge we have with him any easier. But what it does do is help me understand why those challenges exist.

No Longer Available
No Longer Available

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