The Visitor (Steam VR)

“…so scary, not many people make it to the end.”

Things You Might Need

  1. VR Headset
  2. Headphones
  3. Controller
  4. High Spec SP
  5. Steam VR

The Visitor

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Software Name: The Visitor
Age Rating: Family Friendly
System: Oculus Rift
Type: Horror
Size: 600MB
Ads: No

Controller Use: Not Required


The Visitor is a VR horror experience about an unexpected visitor calling to your door in the middle of the night. The game relies heavily on atmosphere, utilising a dark environment to make the player both as nervous and uncomfortable as possible.


This is one of those experiences that would have been OK when viewed on a 2D screen, but in full virtual reality with headphones on, suddenly it becomes something so scary not many people make it to the end. There were a few times I thought it was a little too quite but soon realised that it was only trying to psyche me out and build up the suspense for the next “event”. With each happening getting scarier and scarier it is inevitable the ending was going to be the ultimate fright, and indeed it was.


If you like to scare your friends and family this is the VR app to do it with. It’s dark, very atmospheric and will scare the pants off most people. This is one of those apps that should be seen and brought for a laugh and little more.

Download The Visitor Now
Download The Visitor Now

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