Will You Be Able to Install Third Party Compatible Apps on the Oculus Go?

While most people will be thinking this question is all about side-loading porn apps there are many other reasons to side-load apps. Maybe an app that isn’t available in your country, or a test app that you have made yourself, whatever the reason lets find out… 

Side Loading Apps on Android
Side Loading Apps on Android

The good news is John Carmack who is the CTO of Oculus VR has confirmed early on that it would indeed be possible to push apps to the Go over ADB (Android Debug Bridge) and that these apps could then subsequently be launched from within the Oculus Go Home environment. At the end of the day, you are never going to see official porn apps within the Oculus Store so sideloading them is the only way you will be able to use them. How do you do that? The most common way to side-load on other Android systems is to download the APK from a website or App downloader (this is mostly done on the PC, but you might be able to do just that through a web browser built into the Oculus Go) then you plug the device in (via a USB cable) and loading it up to the device. Then you can go onto the file and execute it and install.

Like I said at the start, it’s not just porn apps that you might like to sideload. Its independent apps, apps that are no longer available in the Oculus Go store and even apps that are region locked! There really is a load of reasons why you might need to side-load and the good news is it’s more than possible.

Are you planning on side-loading apps? If you are do let me know in the comments below why, what sort of apps and what you are looking forward too most about the Oculus Go!

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