Tiny Island (Gear VR)

“…enjoy the sun slowly setting on your very own private island.”

Please note: While this game/app will look and feel just like it looks and seems on the same system we reviewed it on. If you choose to play it on another system (if available) which might make it a significantly different experience in both looks and gameplay.

Age Rating: 12+
Review System: Gear VR
Price at Time Of Review: Free
Comfort Rating: Green
Genre: Experience
Size: 178.7 MB
Controller System: Touch Pad
WiFi Connection Needed: Yes
Best Playing Position: Sitting
Multi Player: No

Tiny Island

Tiny Island (2)
Tiny Island (1)
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Intro: Have you ever been to a tropical island? With Tiny Island you can dive into a True Tropical Island. When you dive into Tiny Island, you can see the beauty of nature. Leaves, clouds, sky, sun, moon, shadow, birds, boat, waves, nature sounds, etc… all delightfully animate. These animations will help you relax and achieve peace of mind.

Review: Tiny Island is all about getting away from it all into your own virtual island. You can sit and watch the sun go down, or maybe watch a firm or browse your files. There isn’t much to do in that app, but that is the whole point of it. You don’t need billions to own your own island like Richard Branson has, you can download this relaxing app for free!

With day and night settings, there are also birds, waves and all sorts of beautiful scenery to help you unwind. But this is an app that will only help you relax if you are willing to forget it. It offers the setting, you have to bring the mood.

Verdict: What to know the best thing about Tiny Island? No-one else is on the island. Relax, sit back and set the time to 99 minutes and enjoy the sun slowly setting on your very own private island. I think adding a movie player and a file browser is just adding distractions to an app that is supposed to calm you, but I suppose with the right movie you can enjoy yourself even more. An odd app indeed, but one that does have it’s uses.


Download Tiny Island Now
Download Tiny Island Now

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