Trimersion Virtual Reality (2007)

“…it should have been the future of virtual reality headsets. ”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Trimersion Virtual Reality

  1. Gun Features All The Buttons of a Gamepad
  2. Works with Xbox, PlayStation & Gamecube
  3. QVGA-quality (320 x 240 resolution)
  4. Fully Programmable Gun Triggers
  5. 360-Degree Motion Tracking
  6. Contour Padded Earphones
  7. Attached Gun Controller
  8. Single LCD Screen
  9. Truly Wireless
  10. Stereo Sound

Trimersion Virtual Reality

Made by Kopin Corp the Trimersion Virtual Reality was supposed to be the future of first-person shooter games. The system included a wireless HMD system with a programmable gun featuring normal gamepad buttons. Working with the Xbox, Gamecube or PlayStation it should have been the future of virtual reality headsets. Only of the most confusing elements of this HMD is that it was released in 2007! The tech was underpowered, overpriced and made people feel quite ill.

Most of it’s problems come in the form of lies about what the tech could do. The 360-degrees head tracking was a massive overstatement and in reality it could only handle 100 degrees at best. This left most people feeling disoriented. But apart from the head tracking issue the HMD is actually pretty good! If only they had made it more like a pair of video glasses rather than some low-tech VR system. Having said that if you find the right 1st person shooter that doesn’t require much head movement it would look amazing on this system!


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