Intro: V-Aria will transport you into a new world, synchronized with and created by your music! Crazy shapes and colours fill the air around you, pulsating and careening in time to the music. If you’re a VR veteran, V-Aria will provide an intense experience that challenges your perceptions of space and time. If you’re new to VR, V-Aria offers a comfortable experience that reacts to the music but won’t make you sick.
Comfort Level: Gentle
Internet connection: Not Required/
Number of Players: Single Player
Genre: Experience
Space required: 52.8 MB
Supported Controllers: Oculus Go Controller
Age Rating: U
Price: £2.99 ($4)
Movement: Forward facing only
Playing Position: Sitting
Oculus Go Bronze Award
Review: If V-Aria was unique in its genre it might have got a silver award. Sadly for V-Aria it isn’t and free apps like GrooVR blow it away. While I did like the visualisation by microphone option the rest of the options are not worth writing home about. Then the visualisation animation isn’t up to scratch and is often jerky. While it does get the job done it was meant to do there are other apps out there that are free and do the job far better.
Click Here - Download Now
Click Here - Download Now

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