View-Master (1939)

“Believe it or not, it didn’t start life as a toy or even start being sold as a toy!”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: View-Master

  1. Later Versions Had Backlighting
  2. Revolutionary Of Its Time
  3. Sold Hundreds Of Millions
  4. Could Take You Anywhere
  5. Sold 1.5 Billion Reels
  6. Also A 3D Projector
  7. Hundreds Of Designs
  8. Came As Gift Sets
  9. Amazing 3D Images
  10. Affordable


Now owned by Mattel they started to make these in 1939 (Just 4 years after Kodachrome color film was invented!) and they didn;t stop selling them right up until March 2009! We are not talking a few thousand sold, we are talking hundreds of millions and literary double that in the number of 3D photo wheels! We now know that they are working on an upgraded virtual reality headset that commandeers the same name as this original toy.

Believe it or not, it didn’t start life as a toy or even start being sold as a toy! It was originally sold at photography shops, stationery stores, and scenic attraction gift shops because it was seen as a virtual window into any place they could produce a photo for. But is it really a virtual reality headset? The answer is yes! While it might have often been described and seen as something for the kids to play with it did amazing things and at the time was probably the closest thing anyone had ever come to producing a VR headset.


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