WIDE5 HMD (2006)

“…quite frankly a technological milestone of a headset…”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: WIDE5 HMD

  1. 150° Ultra Wide Field Of View
  2. No Optical Adjusting Required
  3. 1600 X 1200 At 60 Hz Display
  4. Fully Immersive And Fast
  5. Comfortable To Wear
  6. Robust And Durable
  7. Lightweight <1kg
  8. Single DVI Input
  9. Stereoscopic
  10. Portable


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The WIDE5 is an HMD (Head Mounted Display) from Fakespace Labs. With a very much industrial aim, it has stats that are bang up to date here in 2015! But it’s main feature is all in its name. The massive 150° Ultra Wide Field of View is something that blows many headsets out of the water.

Daniel Small from Sandia National Laboratories said this about it:”The most exciting development I have seen in VR in the last 20 years.” which is strong praise indeed from someone who works with this kind of tech day in and day out. I don;t think us public should be getting too whipped up as it will be a long time before tech this good is affordable. Given that this device was made in 2006 it is quite frankly a technological milestone of a headset that I’m sure a lot of the wide FOV headsets like the Star VR use today.

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