How Easy Is it To Write an Essay in Virtual Reality?

How Easy Is it To Write an Essay in Virtual Reality?

Suppose you want to prepare an excellent essay that corresponds to all the requirements and rules but don’t know what to start with, turn to a paper helper. With the help of a reliable writing service, you can handle any task you are assigned to do. From essays, blogs, or press releases, anything will be manageable and require little preparation as professional writers who work in such companies won’t take too long to finish your paper. But how fast do you think you could do the same thing…only in VR? I find out so you don’t have to…

Now that virtual reality technology is a lot cheaper the main bulk of the equipment I need is already here, usable and most importantly it is affordable. The good news is I can now also bring my real keyboard into the metaverse and use it just like I would in real life. But from the initial point of writing my essay in VR, I hit a snag. You see, I might be able to see the keyboard, but learning to use my hands in VR is another matter.

Hand tracking has come a long way and hand tracking with the Oculus Quest is very impressive indeed. But there is still a fair amount of latency which means my actions in real life take some time to replicate into the virtual world. But with lots more time I could learn to overcome this, but it could well mean that I am slower in typing, but I could do it. The next problem wasn’t so easily fixed.

How Easy Is it To Write an Essay in Virtual Reality?

You see, to make a good essay you need to know a lot about the chosen subject, or you need to do a lot of studying. When it comes to doing research and fact-checking in VR things are not as easy as you might think. Sure, I can use the built-in web browser, but it is no Google Chrome. It’s slow, clunky to use and having multiple tabs open at the same time only makes things worse. I could use my passthrough cameras built into the Oculus Go, but that is not exactly making the essay in VR now is it.

Sadly I had hit a wall before I had even started my essay. I love using any sort of technology to better improve my life, but writing homework and essays in VR simply isn’t doable at the moment. Sure, I could try and struggle through the issues I had, but using technology is all about bettering our lives, not making them harder!

Writing an essay is always challenging for every student. It requires certain knowledge that learners gain when studying to achieve good results. However, you can manage the task easily with some diligence and special effort, but doing all that in VR simply isn’t easy. One of the most important things when dealing with an essay is to make sure that the writing structure is organized properly to preserve both logic and order in your work and that means being able to use the tools of the job. Sadly VR isn’t quite ready to become one of those tools.

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