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Drop us an email for about any question about VR and we will get back to you ASAP. Also, we would love to hear from any new start up, or concept idea you think our readers would love to know about. Or maybe you know of a retro HMD that we haven’t mentioned here, we would also like to know about that. In fact, get in touch with us about anything virtual reality rated. We have over 100,000+ page view each and ever month by people that are hungry and ready for VR or AR news.

With regards to our video reviews, we never say a bad word about the headsets we test, sadly not because we are paid to, but because each one has its own merits and even if it is just the same as every other HMD out there that will still mean that competition is hotting up which is no bad thing for us consumers.

Do hit us up on the social media channels below, we have thousands of fans that love to read up the latest news and see the latest tech. While we here at The VR shop don’t do software reviews we do like to know about the latest games and apps. We are happy to review any accessories for any of the headsets we have listed on this website so do send them over if you have them.