Fove VR

Top 10 Key Selling Points: FOVE

  1. No High-powered Gaming Rigs Required
  2. Incredibly Wide 100o Field Of View
  3. Easily Converts Existing Vr Games
  4. Ultra Low Latency Head Tracking
  5. A More Realistic Experience
  6. Both Head And Eye Tracking
  7. Sleek, High-quality Design
  8. Foveated Rendering
  9. AAA Rendering
  10. Hi-Res Display


“…the world’s first eye-tracking virtual reality headset!”

With some investment from Samsung Ventures behind them FOVE have a good chance of bringing together some very important missing pieces in the quest for a truly immersive virtual reality experience. they not only claim but have actually showcased the world’s first eye-tracking virtual reality headset!

This means FOVE could well launch a very competitive VR device in the market. Whether this is the future for virtual reality or just another gimmick only time will tell. But for now it is a very important step forward that is looking for some crowdfunding over on kick starter. But that has since ended.


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