Oculus Rift Consumer Edition (CV1)

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Oculus Rift Consumer Edition

  1. Built-In Accelerometer
  2. Built-In Magnetometer
  3. Weighs Just 380 Grams
  4. Updated Ergonomics
  5. Increased Comfort
  6. Integrated Audio
  7. 360 Degree Sound Tracking
  8. Newer Display Technology
  9. Full 360 Tracking
  10. 90 Hz Refresh Rate


“…it delivers something truly magical.”

Let’s face it. If the Oculus Rift Consumer Edition was a train you would have given up waiting for it and started walking home by now. But at least it is here and looking amazing. It has all the same stats in it than the Oculus Rift Crescent Bay, only it is altogether more polished, cleaner more…well…finished!

So will this headset really change the world? No, but it is a great start. For many this will be unaffordable because you still need that Oculus Ready PC to run it. But as for the VR, the “experience” it delivers something truly magical. To be able to bend down and see something in VR, or to walk about is amazing. Let’s just hope the price comes down sooner rather than later.


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