Wearality SKY



“…the bare bones of what a phone mounted virtual reality headset is.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Wearality SKY

  1. Reduces simulation sickness
  2. Double Fresnel lenses
  3. No colour distortion
  4. Minimalistic design
  5. Maximum portability
  6. 3D printable design
  7. Reduced eyestrain
  8. A foldable device
  9. 150 degrees FOV
  10. Open design

Wearality SKY

What is a phone mounted VR headset? If you cut it down to the bare elements it’s just a pair of lenses and a cradle for your smartphone. The makers have realised this and have made the Wearality SKY the bare bones of what a phone mounted virtual reality headset is. But instead of being content simply making the minimalist of headsets they made one with more features than most of them put together!

The bare 3D printable design houses one of the largest FOV’s (field of view) of any phone mounted headset. At 150 degrees it will give you a new way to look at even the most basic of VR apps. It also folds into your back pocket and because it has no sides the wearer suffers little or no simulation sickness! Plus, it goes without saying that this is the lightest headset in the entire world.



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