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The VR Shop - About Us - Header
The VR Shop – About Us – Header

The VR shop are a small team of friends who love all things virtual reality and augmented reality. We’ve been waiting for VR to go mainstream since the days of watching The Lawnmower Man movie, but we have had to wait almost 30 years for the technology to catch up with that idea.

Everything we do, we do in our own spare time, so we hope you will join us inside this one-stop-shop for all the latest news, previews, reviews and amazing giveaways. We are not just people who like playing with virtual reality headsets, video glasses and all things AR, we love them all and understand the tech behind them.

This is who we are…

Matt: is our test guinea pig, the person that is willing to try just about any tech and review any game no matter how scary it is.

Sarah: She is our “Lets Play” gamer, she likes nothing more than sitting in a room in VR for hours on end, and sadly for her the gameplay videos do take a long time.

Jake: He might be new to the world of VR, but that makes him interested and amazed at everything we show him, or get him to review. That is why 99% of what he says in his videos is “WOW” & “Ohh, look at that!”

Russell: Our headset and tech nerd. He knows just about all there is to know about tech from the retro headsets of the 80’s to today’s modern ones. He always complains about everything, but that is just his passion showing through.

Jens: Our social media and apps specialist, he knows a good app when he sees ones and tests every piece of software we give him to the max. If you want to talk VR, he is happy to talk all day long.

This is not our full-time jobs, it’s just what we love doing in our spare time. We are always happy to talk about anything VR or AR related. So get in touch with us as we love nothing more than talking about our areas of expertise.

The VR Shop - About Us - Footer
The VR Shop – About Us – Footer