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AI Could Easily Mean No-code VR Development!

AI Could Easily Mean No-code VR Development!

Victoria VR, a company specializing in virtual reality (VR), has made a giant leap by joining forces with OpenAI, known for its advanced AI technology like ChatGPT. This collaboration marks a significant step toward creating VR experiences without coding.

With Victoria VR’s groundbreaking AI builder, the power to create your own VR worlds and experiences is now in your hands, regardless of your technical background. This innovative tool leverages AI to streamline the creation process, enabling you to design games, virtual environments, and more. As Adam Bém, the co-founder of Victoria VR, puts it, this integration with OpenAI not only makes VR development more accessible but also amplifies creativity, paving the way for more immersive and intricate virtual experiences.

This development means users can easily craft virtual items, games, and even entire digital universes using AI prompts. Moreover, anything created can be turned into tradeable digital assets.

However, there are challenges in both VR and AI fields. While growing, VR technology faces issues like the high cost of hardware. On the AI front, a concern is “hallucinations,” where AI might produce inaccurate or new information that wasn’t part of its training.

Victoria VR plans to expand its AI capabilities by integrating with other AI technologies, such as DALL-E and Stable Diffusion, aiming to enhance the virtual reality experience further. The platform is compatible with devices like the Apple Vision Pro and Oculus Quest 3 and uses Unreal Engine 5, a leading game development engine.

Looking into the future, the potential of AI to revolutionize VR development is immense. Bém envisions a scenario where AI becomes the driving force behind the creation of virtual worlds, pushing traditional roles in VR development to the sidelines within five years. This transformative influence of AI is likely to extend into gaming, opening up a world of endless story possibilities and more lifelike interactions with game characters.

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