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AI Nightmare (Steam VR)

AI Nightmare (Steam VR)

System: Valve Index, HTC Vive & Oculus Rift
Price at Time Of Review: £1.69
Comfort Rating: Yellow
Genre: 360 Video and Animation
Input: Tracked Motion Controllers, Gamepad, Keyboard & Mouse
Best Playing Position: Sitting
Multi-Player: No
Age Rating: PG
VR Shop Score 1/100: 70

Description: 360° Sci-Fi Fantasy VR Movie “AI Nightmare” delivers an unbelievable journey allowing you to step into the middle of the movie’s action and engages you in an intense experience unlike any before!

What was supposed to be a normal evening soon becomes…a NIGHTMARE! A heart-racing home invasion occurs in the dead of night. Milo (your dog) and you are abducted by the AI drone and transported through the galaxy into a more sinister plot, involving rogue A.I. robots that have become increasingly more aggressive thrusting a vicious battle between “human” and machines. Escaping from being destroyed, you fall through clouds into a deep ocean. Your world is altered forever…

Review: Some people like these short VR animation films and some don’t. Personally I enjoy them and AI Nightmare is well worth a watch for the cool animation, but it doesn’t have the best voice acting which does take away the power of the story a little bit. Its dark, dreamy and like some sort of weird dream that you can’t quite recall. It has a run-time of just over 8 minutes and it is a really good quality if you buy it and download it, but if you just plan to rent it and stream it you should make sure you have a good internet connection. But make no mistake, there is no gameplay here and nothing to interact with.

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