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About: Introducing the AirVR and AirVR+, the first wireless VR headsets for iPad Mini, iPad Mini with Retina and iPhone 6+. AirVR is the most affordable way to experience the world of Virtual Reality for yourself. With your iPad Mini or iPhone 6+ and AirVR, you have everything needed to experience immersive VR anywhere.

AirVR Specs and Info…

Device: AirVR
Manufacturer: AirVR
Announced Date: September 2014
Release Date: Never Released
Launch Price: $49 (£36)
Device Type: Other
Display: N/A
Diagonal Field of View(FOV): 90°
Refresh Rate: N/A
Weight: 550 g (1.21 lb)
Battery: N/A
Tracking: N/A
Controllers: N/A


Our Thoughts: The makers of AirVR have realised there is a gap in the HMD market. Everyone is making VR headsets that work by slotting a smartphone into them, but no-one is working with tablets, and the one they want to start with is the iPad Mini. But is AirVR going a step too far? And is is going to be willing to use a headset that is almost twice as heavy as most other mobile VR headsets and twice as big!?

Some people will say that the reason no-one has thought about doing this before is because a tablet is a little too heavy to be hanging off your face! But for those of us who have stronger heads we could have better graphics, sound and a massive screen size! The iPad Mini is a great start because it is light, fast and can showcase just about anything any app maker can come up with.

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