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ANTVR (2014)

ANTVR (2014)

ANTVR (2014)

Presentation: As you might expect from a cheap Chinese brand of VR headsets the ANTVR comes with little more than the most basic of packaging consisting of a nice black box with branding and foam padding in the box. But inside that box is nothing more than the headset and the gun controller. No leads, no paperwork, no effort.

ANTVR Box Contents

  • ANTVR Headset
  • Gun Controller
  • lithium battery
  • video driver box

ANTVR (2014)

Description: The ANTVR is the world’s first virtual reality all in one kit. The controller is an all in one kit that can handle just about any VR game, a real transformer, being a gun, controller, lightsaber, standard controller or even a steering wheel! You can use it to play FPS/TPS/FLY/ACT/RAC and many other kinds of games. Another 9-axis IMU inside the controller makes this all possible which is very clever indeed.

It’s a great headset for those VR fans looking for an affordable, wireless headset. The idea of having a second tracking system just for the gun is a stroke of genius. They now have all the kickstart funds they were looking for, it’s just a subject of bringing it to market.

ANTVR Specs…

Headset: ANTVR
Manufacturer: ANTVR Technology CO LTD
Launch Price: $300 (£218)
Release Date: May 2014
Headset Type: VR Headset (All-in-one)
Display: Single LCD Panel at 1920 x 1080
Field of View(FOV): 100°
Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
CPU: Unknown
GPU: Unknown
Interpupillary Distance Adjustment: Yes
Screen Focus Adjustment: No
Weight: 370g (13.05 oz)
Tracking: 3 DoF Non-positional

ANTVR (2014)

Review: Most observant people will notice a few things missing in the detail lists about, things like its GPU and CPU. Well…that is because it didn’t have any! It was described as a “Oculus Rift challenger” and yet it wasn’t much more than a set of video glasses with a gun attachment! It hardly worked, it often arrived at people broken and most people couldn’t get anything to run on it. This headset did well over on Kickstarter, but as reviews started to flood in people realised they had been conned. Oddly, this didn’t seem to deter the headset makers and they went on to make many more of them!

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